Ngati Rangitihi Agreement In Principle

For more information, visit It provides for the return of culturally important countries, relations agreements with government authorities and a Tarawera Awa recovery and protection unit, with $500,000 in funding and financial repair of $11.3 million. “We want to strengthen ties with our people, not just at home in Matata, but across the country and abroad.” “This is a critical point in our colonization journey, and we want all our Wh`nau to have the opportunity to have a say in voting on this important Kaupapa.” Como asked all descendants of Ngéti Rangitihi to register with Te Mana. “While we have been in direct negotiations with the Crown since 2015, we pay tribute to all the complainants of Ngéti Rangitihi who have filed a complaint against crown violations by the Court of Waiting of Te Tiriti o Waitangi – those who have passed on and those who are still with us. The IPA also includes $4 million in financial and commercial remedies. This is in addition to the $7 million in commercial repair that Iwi received in 2008 in the Central North Island Forests Settlement. The Te Mana o Ngéti Rangitihi Trust has entered into negotiations with the Crown to settle historical claims for violations of Te Tiriti o Waitangi by the Crown on behalf of Ng`ti Rangitihi uri (descendants). The Te Mana o Ngéti Rangitihi Trust today signed an agreement in principle with the Crown in Rangitihi Marae, which is an important step towards a comprehensive settlement of contracts for the iwi. We signed our Agreement in Principle (AIP) in December 2018. This was an important opportunity, followed by several years of discussions with the Crown. It is this AIP that is the basis of a future settlement issue that we want to vote on the people of Ngéti Rangitihi in 2020. “I thank our team of negotiators and agents who have worked hard to negotiate the settlement for our people. I thank all our members of Ngéti Rangitihi for their support over the years that has allowed us to reach this point. Te Mana President Leith Comer says the signing is a welcome milestone for Ng`ti Rangitihi.

The Ngéti Rangitihi Tribal Association in Matata is part of the largest confederation of the tribes of Te Arawa. It has the usual rights and interests that extend from the coast near Matata, Tarawera awa to Lake Tarawera, Ruawahia and Rerewhakaitu, including Lakes Rotomahana, Rerewhakaitu and Okaaro as well as kaingaroa Forest. “We hope to reach a draft decision-making act next year, and we will work with all our wh`nau to provide feedback before ratification.” “While we live today with the consequences of the loss and death of mothers, it was our ancestors who were there when the earth was lost and who suffered directly. Our mokopuna [grandchildren] will benefit from the colony if approved, but we must not forget those who started the journey for us,” Said Mr. Comer. There will be a number of information today in Matata, Hamilton, Rotorua, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, where members will have the opportunity to ask questions about the negotiated comparison package. The unification instrument was the end of the negotiations and marked the beginning of the ratification process – an iwi voting process – in which registered adult members of Ng`ti Rangitihi would have the opportunity to say whether or not they agreed on the settlement package. “Te Mana`s efforts are the creation of a legislative unit to restore the Mauri of Tarawera Awa and Te Awa o Te Atua,” he says. “It`s been eight years since our colonization journey began, and as a collective, we worked hard to get to this point. Waitangi`s Minister of Thought Negotiation, Andrew Little, and Te Mana o Ngéti Rangitihi Trust President Leith Comer sign an agreement in principle this afternoon in Rangitihi Marae, Matata.