Agreement Clause Of Arbitration

– Texts of additional direct agreements recommended. MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION STANDARD CLAUSE Any dispute between the parties that relates to the present treaty or which results from this contract is subject to a mediation procedure conducted by the local branch – if necessary – by the local branch – possibly by the local branch – of the Intermediation Centre for Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, headquartered in Strasbourg , and continues according to the rules of intermediation of this institution. rules that are in effect on the day the mediation application is submitted. If the mediation procedure does not take place or has not been submitted, any dispute arising from these relations between the parties is determined in accordance with the arbitration regulation and the internal rules of the European Court of Arbitration, since it is part of the European Arbitration Centre, which is based in Strasbourg (in force at the date of the application for arbitration) , with the right of appeal, unless , the applicable procedural law is prohibited – including the wrong choice of material law and or for error of law and infringement, by the hearing of an appelal court (to the extent applicable procedural law permits), of which the adoption of this clause constitutes acceptance. Arbitration is conducted according to the provisions of the aforementioned rules by a single arbitrator who, if the dispute is national, is governed by the local chapter – if any – of the European Court of Arbitration and, in the absence of a local chapter, as well as for all non-national disputes, by the central clerk responsible for the matter: Strasbourg for Northern and Central Europe; Milan for disputes between parties that even belong to Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East (such as France, the department of Provence, Alps, Céte d`Azur, Bouches du Rhône, Var, Roussillon and Languedoc) Portugal, the Balkans, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Black Sea and, in general, all the countries of Europe. , consultants, managers, employees and agents to keep the dispute, facts, documents, evidence and distinction strictly confidential. The parties undertake to behave and induce their counsel to behave in a manner that limits the duration of the proceedings to nine months and to avoid the presentation of documents and the call of unnecessary or unnecessary witnesses, to limit movement practices, to avoid delays, unwelcome or repetitive behaviour and, in general, any over-reiteratization and acceptance to pay any legal costs incurred by a violation of such an obligation. , even for the final success in the debate. Each party also undertakes to promptly reimburse the reimbursement of the proceedings to the other parties who must pay its share of the advance requested by the European Court of Arbitration or, if necessary, by its competent local chapter, and to recognize that the other parties are entitled to a summary judgment ex parte or other summary proceedings against them for such a refund. The parties ask the arbitrator to issue an interim arbitration award as soon as possible for the part of an undisputed or manifestly well-founded claim or motion for justice. The basis of the arbitration procedure ________________________Language of the procedure _________________As on the merits of the dispute: parties wishing to use the expedited procedure in higher-value cases should explicitly decide to do so by supplementing the above clause with the following formulation: mandatory arbitration clauses are widespread, but not general in the United States. For example, they are used by, which is 15 of the 20 largest dollars.