Alarm Monitoring Agreement Template

This message warns your customer of the importance of a mobile backup for transmitting alarm signals to the central monitoring station if the customer`s telephone lines, Internet or digital telephone service are not in service. This message is designed for the customer to either accept the mobile phone backup or refuse (which is not recommended in the press release). Please note that this document is the copyright of ASIAL and can only be used by current ASIAL members. It must not be reproduced and/or modified in a format without ASIAL`s written permission. The ASIAL Alarm Monitoring Service Agreement is a generic example agreement. It does not constitute legal advice and cannot correspond to your business or a particular situation. You should be advised yourself on suitability for your needs. Latest update: Internet security in May 2019 and vulnerability to hackers are commonplace in today`s technology world. Safety systems and equipment are no different. With this disclaimer, your client runs the risk that their system is vulnerable to malware and/or spyware.

If you want to sell alert accounts and have identified an interested buyer, your first step is to obtain a confidentiality agreement from the buyer to protect your confidential information. The ASIAL Alarm Monitoring Service Agreement was designed as an agreement between an alarm installation company and its customer. When providing monitoring services, it is worth having a written agreement with the terms of the service you provide. This is an electronic form that contains fields for your client`s data and the services you will provide them. This agreement can also be adapted with your company logo. A master contract between a security alert company and a residential or commercial customer for distribution, installation and monitoring. This is our most popular form of contract. We are pleased to adapt for you a contract between a security alert company and a customer specifically for the sale and monitoring of a personal emergency response system (PERS).