Jetbrains Resharper License Agreement

For any exceptions or amendments to this Agreement, please contact JetBrains at: Na-h-ebenech II 1718/10, Prague, 14000, Czech Republic Fax: `420 241 722 540 E-mail: 5.1 Third-party software is authorised in accordance with the separate licensing agreements contained in the SDK and subject to the restrictions provided in the SDK. You agree to abide by the terms of third-party software licensing agreements. JetBrains assumes no responsibility for third-party software, and you will only take care of the third-party software licensee or licensees for the remedies. JetBrains claims no rights to third-party software, and the same is the exclusive ownership of the third-party software licensee. (B) You agree to ensure that the use of a distributable product that you copy, redistribute or make available to a third party is governed by an agreement between the third party as a user and JetBrains, and that that third party is bound to the agreement prior to the use of such a redistributive product. JetBrains is the exclusive owner and exclusive licensee of any redisdis distributed product. You acknowledge that you are responsible for the loss or damage caused by the violation of this section. (a) The licensee undertakes to comply with the conditions contained in third-party software licensing agreements for applicable third-party software. (i) to sell, redistribute, debit, lend, lease, sublicensing or otherwise transfer software or parts of the software to third parties without the licensee`s prior written consent; Click Permanent Request next to the license server option. “SDK” refers to the ReSharper JetBrains software development kit and includes all associated ReSharper JetBrains software files, documentation, software code or other hardware provided by JetBrains, as well as all third-party software that is in possession and licensed from parts other than JetBrains and is either integrated into the SDK or is part of the SDK (a “third-party software package”). The licensee may provide the licensee or its subsidiaries with suggestions, comments and comments on software, including, but not limited to usability, bug reports and test results (together “Feedback”), but is not required to do so.

The licensee grants the licensee a free, non-exclusive, global, irrevocable and free license for reproduction, modification, creation of derivative works, license, distribution and other commercial feedback as part of one of the licensee`s offers. All personal and commercial licenses for JerBrains products can be managed through the JetBrains account, which can be used as a means of indicating license information. Click Close. If your license server distributes a limited number of licenses, the license ticket you have is not available to other users until you return it.