Tenancy Agreement Norway

Section 10-1. Availability for pre-holiday visits to the propertyWhile the period prior to the holiday of the property, the tenant has a reasonable obligation to allow potential tenants access to the property visit. Section 10-2. Restitution of property On the expiry date of the tenancy agreement, the tenant must make the property and the permission available to the landlord. Unless otherwise agreed, the property is considered returned if the owner has received the keys and had safe access to the property. If the tenant leaves the property so that the lease can be clearly considered abandoned, the landlord can immediately have access to the property again. Unless otherwise agreed, the land and the expertise must be ordered, clean and in the condition where the property was taken over, with the exception of depreciation due to normal wear and defects that the owner must repair himself. Unless explicitly agreed, the lessor cannot require the tenant to restore the property to its original state with respect to the changes that the tenant was entitled to make. Under no circumstances can the lessor require the property to be returned to its original state if it would result in excessive costs or inappropriate depreciation, but the lessor may seek compensation for depreciation caused by changes that the tenant was not entitled to amend.

The devices that the tenant has put into the property are given to the landlord if their move would result in excessive costs or improper depreciation. If the tenant is required to maintain or maintain the property, this maintenance must be done properly, but the lessor may, unless the expressly agreed authorization requires that the property or authorization be in better condition than it was when it was made available to the tenant. For the right to pay of the tenant, paragraph 10-5. Section 10-3. Compensation for delay and defectIf the property is not made available to the lessor at the time of the lease, the lessor can claim compensation equal to the agreed rent until the tenant no longer uses the property. If the property is in a lower condition than the one agreed to in Section 10-2, the owner can request reimbursement of the necessary repair costs. The application must be filed within a reasonable time after the owner has discovered the defect. The provision of the second sentence does not apply if the tenant was grossly negligent or behaved honestly, faithfully and faithfully. The lessor may seek damages for other damages resulting from an infringement by the tenant. However, this does not apply to the extent that the tenant demonstrates the offence as a consequential disability beyond his control, which he must not take into account at the beginning of the contract or avoid or overcome the consequences.

If the violation is the fault of a third party held by the tenant in all or part of the repair of the property, the tenant is not held responsible only if the third party had also been held in default in accordance with the provisions of the third paragraph. Freedom of responsibility applies as long as the disability takes effect.