Backdated Rental Agreement

Most institutions, such as banks, gas distribution, HRA fees, vehicle purchases, school applications, telephone lines, etc., only take into account your proof of rental if it is executed on a stamp document. Can we prepare a dated Leave 7 license agreement (April 2008 to February 2009) for the rent of today`s stamp document (Feb 2009), although the agreement was reached by mutual agreement in April 2008. Rent can also be payable for 11 months under the law, in order to obtain an HRA exemption for rent paid. In the agreement, the date of execution is indicated as the date of the stamp or a later date; However, it may take effect from an earlier date (Apri 2008). If the rent is actually paid and occupied by a receipt from the Lanlord, it is allowed to be exempted from the HRA. Yes, you can write a rental agreement, but the pre-verbal date of the agreement must have taken place and the act can therefore be executed or established in writing from the date of the stamp or after. Flat-rate rent paid in one day would also be eligible for the HRA exemption. 1. The rent / rental contract must be paid and registered, before the start of the rent / leasing. Either the landlord or the tenant can buy the stamp paper and he will continue to be the buyer. If you want to have an original agreement, you need to buy the stamp paper yourself.

You can obtain a photocopy or a scanned version from the other party. Stamp duty is the royalty levied by the government on various real estate transactions. You have to pay stamp duty if you buy real estate and also if you have a lease. Stamp duty must be paid in accordance with section 3 of the Indian Stamp Act 1899. 2. Years: In accordance with Section 17 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act, the date of execution of the holiday and license agreement in Pune/Mumbai/Maharashtra must be either the day before the date of purchase or a date after purchase, provided that the period following purchase does not exceed 6 months. The a posteriori agreement is valid and can be dated on the stamp paper or return….