group show: America. Utopia achieved

„America is neither dream nor reality. It is hyperreality. It is a hyperreality because it is a utopia which has behaved from the very beginning as though it were already achieved. Everything here is real and pragmatic, and yet it is all the stuff of dreams too. It may be the truth of America can only be seen by a European since he alone will will discover here the perfect simulacrum – that of the immanence and material transcription of all values. The Americans, for their part, have no sense of simulation. They are themselves simulation in its most developed state, but they have no language in which to describe it, since they themselves are the model. As a result, they are the ideal material for an analysis of all the possible variants of the modern world.”

This group of artists from various backgrounds; visual art, performance and music will present their works about US – the country that can delight and terrify with its concepts of liberation, domination and ecstatic joy. The works will highlight how everyday the world must face America’s dark and unpredictable nature.

America. Utopia achieved. deals with the artists’ existential shock after visiting the United States.
It is impossible to feel indifference to this shock, while fascination and despondence arises.

Leszek Onak, Alek Janicki, Ewa Hubar, Klaudyna Schubert, Stan Barański, Gregory Michenaud, Valentine Tanz and Bartolomeo Koczenasz
Audiovisual concert:
Harat band, Konrad Trusiak

Exhibition will be open until April 2nd, please contact us for a viewing. Tel.: 790-313-044

Opening: saturday 18th february, 7pm -11:30pm
Finissage: saturday 1st april (more info later on)
Kraków Art House
Szwedzka 8