Working Time Directive Workforce Agreement

Any agreement may also limit the use of successive fixed-term contracts by applying one or more of the following: working time is any period during which staff work. It includes time spent on training and traveling on the job site, but does not include a routine trip from home to work. It also does not include lunch breaks or on-call time, unless they actually work. Adult workers may agree that this average weekly working time limit does not apply to them. In this case, an opt-out agreement must be signed by each worker. The Working Time Regulation (Northern Ireland) 2016 sets the maximum working time, minimum rest periods and paid minimum leave. For the reference period, a collective agreement may be concluded on the basis of successive periods of 17 weeks (or 26 weeks). Your email address is used by Simply Business to keep you up-to-date with the latest news, offers and advice. You can cancel these emails at any time. It`s just a trade data protection directive. The law sets certain minimum conditions for parental leave, but you can – through a collective agreement – agree on your own parental leave system with your staff.

Rail workers whose activity is temporarily suspended; who spend their time working on trains; or whose activities are related to transport plans and the assurance of the continuity and regularity of traffic. Some companies are developing a separate work agreement for night workers. Appropriate rest periods are defined as regular rest periods, the duration of which is expressed in units of time. They must also be long and continuous enough that workers do not cause injury to themselves or others due to fatigue or other irregular work patterns. In addition, their health should not be harmed in the short or long term. The rules determine who the “special case” workers are. Differences in the employer`s interpretation of this interpretation should be addressed in the context of collective bargaining. Note that the 48-hour working time limit cannot be changed by the agreement of the workers.