Bible Verses About Prenuptial Agreements

Treating them legally helps them understand how the world sees marriage and helps them season for Satan`s attacks. Even if couples wrote a legally unenforceable document, it would help them understand what they are signing up for. A sacrificing love that aspires to model Jesus` love for us. The real problem always comes from your idea that there is a biblical mandate for a marriage contract. Please point out to me a passage that says that. Even an inductive argument would work. There are many covenants between people that are described in Scripture. Did God order that they be written? I`m not talking about the fact that God recorded it in Scripture. Nor do I ask for God`s covenants with man. Perhaps the covenant between Jonathan and David, or between Joshua and the Gibeonites, could serve as an example. Both were verbal alliances.

It is very likely that both parties were not recorded in writing during their lifetime. . . .