the last of the mohicans – part I

“The Last of the Mohicans: a guidebook to uncommon places” – see the publication here

“… And I’d rather say, a guide to the most common and dearest places.
“Last of the Mohicans” is a story of fading away, parting, and also of the charm of work done by hand, when practically everything is dominated by machines.

This is a story of people, immersed and most often alone in their work, and of the passion which has left a stamp on their faces and given them all something in common.

In turn, each time Gregory approaches his main characters, he becomes similar to them. Therefore the acceptance of him and his work is palpable in the photographs. Sympathies were reciprocated and a bond created.

Black and white photography, appropriate for this manner of work and restrained in its expression, well conveys the atmosphere and truth of the seemingly mundane, but important and interesting moments in the lives and work of the persons photographed. And the surroundings, the natural everyday landscape, the actions which must be repeated hundreds of times, unite with the person in Gregory’s photos.

The well-composed, excellently framed and economical compositions contain and freeze, what would seem forever, a vital moment and its most important attributes. […]”

Stanislaw Markowski – June 1st, 2009